Friday, November 15, 2013

767B_Media Psych_Project 2_#lilcook

Story Map

Story Table

Invitation to Twitter Q&A
Screen fills with invitation,(envelope and invite)
Q&A begins with users asking questions
Hands typing questions, keyboard displayed as well as question
i.e. “What is your secret ingredient?”
Moderator answers questions asked
Full screen Twitter response, no hands, just handle and response
All users ask to see demo video of the baking

Split screen or all different hands typing question. Question is in foreground, typing hands in background.
Moderator finishes Twitter Q&A with a link to the video demo
Blurred or cropped out image of moderator typing final response
Baking demo video begins
Video of a little girl baking
Final screen quote
Something along the lines of what you expect online may not be what you get.

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