Monday, January 27, 2014

767B Post Interview #lilcook

1. What is the essential story behind the piece you created?
The story centers on a Twitter group chat. The chat is based upon a question and answer session with an “experienced” baker. As the question and answer session unfolds, the answers of the moderator are a little suspect and somewhat childish. The audience is drawn into the piece as the camera begins to reveal the moderator. Finally, the story draws to a close when the audience realizes what the group chat members do not realize. A small child instead of an experienced “baker” moderated the chat.  

2.What was your purpose in creating this piece of new media narrative? Do you feel you were successful in communicating your purpose?
The purpose of the video was to show how an online environment could misrepresent a person or experience. Quite often times we operate in an online world, virtually unaware. The purpose of this piece was to showcase mistaken identity. The Twitter users were assuming the person moderating the question and answer session was an experienced person. Instead, they were asking questions of a young child. As the camera revealed the true identity of the moderator, I believe my purpose was communicated successfully.
3.Who was your audience? Do you feel you were successful in reaching your audience?
The audience of the video is comprised of online users. Most likely, the audience is female, from soccer mom to grandmother, and between the ages of 30-65. While this is an estimate, I believe I was successful in reaching my audience.

4.Why did you use your particular approach to media production and media selection? Were you successful?
I chose this media selection because I believe it is a timeless approach to misrepresentation within the online world. A child is something that endears an audience to a piece and what better way to introduce a whimsical narrative. The approach was simplistic, transferring between moderator and group. The transition between screens was highlighted with a transparent type written question and answer. Finally, as the big reveal happens, the music swells and the audience is caught off guard.

5. What did you learn during the process of crafting your media piece that you can use in creating future new media narrative?I learned that editing is a valuable tool when creating a video piece. When I create a new video, I believe editing will be more important and take more of a focus in both planning and execution.        

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